Well ok

Always Something New

I bought my house a little over a year and a month ago now... For the most part I have dealt with the nightmare that the previous owners created... That's not to say I'm done... Far from it really. What I mean is I have removed just about all traces of them... Today I got a little further down that road.

There was a mess on top of some cabinets down in the laundry room... I knew it was there from day one... As I really didn't need that space urgently, and there were far larger issues elsewhere, I ignored it for the most part... Every now and again, I'd want to put something up there, but I'd remember the mess, and put it someplace else... As I've been bored out of my mind of late, I have been cleaning, and unpacking things. (yes, I'm still unpacking things from when I moved here last March...) Today, I managed to get to the mess over the cabinets.

What I find left over from these people never ceases to amaze me... On top of these cabinets were a few things.

4 globe type light bulbs, all dead but in boxes.

7 wash machine hoses, all missing their rubber washers.

147# of broken glass and mirrors (yes I did actually weigh it)

45 2' lengths of old TV antenna wire.

Now you can often get a bit of insight in to who came before you when you clean up a previous tenet's mess... I'm pretty much lost on this one though... These people were freaks.