Well ok

And On... And On...

So I flew home ASAP from the Florida show to get things under control for the next two shows... The first was already in, and a few notes were being done the day I got in to my office... It was relatively simple from our standpoint as it was just a bit of lighting rental and a couple bodies to help out... The next show was mushrooming on us however.

I had been back and forth with the producers regarding this show prior to leaving for Florida, and a bit while I was down there, but as I had to deal with the Florida show, I didn't have the time I needed for this one... As a result, when I got back to NJ, we were sort of already behind... It doesn't help that the end client kept changing things, but that was sort of good since we hadn't started building anything... So we jumped in to the build, and the production company that had hired us sent us a couple carpenters to help out... They took care of all the fabric covering over in my warehouse, and my crew did the build and paint aspects in the shop proper.

It was down to the wire to get everything done, and we even delayed delivering some of the units by a few hours to give the paint extra time to dry, but it was done... So off we went to the city to do the in... Let me say, the in was a bear... Not so much because the set was difficult, but just getting in the door is tough where we were... Sadly as it was Fashion Week in NYC, my usual overhire techs were busy, so we used a different group... They sucked... Bad... Granted I sort of know they would going in since they were available during Fashion, but they were actually worse than expected... We did get in eventually, and the show was quite nice when it was all said and done... Not perfect... Not even up to our usual high standards, but given the short turn around between contract and load-in, it was good... We have talked to our client regarding the lead time, and they agree that we really needed more... Hell they needed more from the end client, and have addressed that with them... Hopefully that will sink in, but who knows... This particular end client seems to be very flighty in their design decisions, and that leads to headaches for everyone.

Whatever... Its done... Its just another war story now for over a beer...

Houston, We Have Morons

Yea, I don't write squat any more... I know... No major loss to the world.

However, occasionally there's just something that begs to be vented.

NASA is going to try to launch on Friday with a sketchy fuel cell on the shuttle... There all kinds of reasons they want to launch... But there's a real simple reason they shouldn't... THEIR OWN BLOODY FLIGHT RULES!!! They are supposed to have 3 good fuel cells to launch... They currently have 2, and one that is iffy.

Ya know what?... That's just dumb folks... Now hell I don't know what they need the damn thing for... It might just be a redundant or double redundant system... Hell it might be there to power some Christmas lights they decided to string around the cabin to be festive... But it doesn't really matter a bit why its there now does it... If they say you need 3 then you need 3.

Its called Go Fever folks, and its the same shitty culture that has gotten people dead in the past... You just have to wonder if NASA will ever get its head out of it's ass.