Well ok

Farewell Happy Dog

The world's happiest dog is gone... The vet was pretty close with the 8 week guess... The cancer had spread... Just found a tumor again on his lip last week... The final blow was a large mass in his bladder... It kept him from being able to pee, and that forced the decision to have him put down.

This is a first for me... Never had to go through anything like this before, for which I'm thankful... There is such a terrible feeling of helplessness to the whole thing... I know its the right decision... I couldn't stand to let him suffer... But coming to terms with killing something you love isn't something natural... He wasn't even my dog... The decision wasn't mine to make, and so I am spared that little bit of hell.

And so, I say farewell to my friend of just over 4 years... His spirit is free now... He can roam where he pleases... He'll always be in my heart though... Rest in peace buddy.

If Only...

There should be a way to punish poor planners... I mean something beyond just running up the bill... Hell I don't mind changes as a show evolves... That's just the way things go... I have one client who can manage to send me multiple emails with multiple major changes in the 5 minutes between when my email program checks for new messages.

Their recent record was 3 emails.

#1 - Date and location change.

#2 - Complete set re-design due to above.

#3 - Date and time change.

They almost got #4 in, but apparently missed by a half minute or so.

#4 - Set modifications due to #3

Folks, this isn't like changing you mind while standing in the checkout line... I mean money had changed hands already for the venues, materials were already en route, and labor was booked... Sure, we added a "dumb and stupid" charge on the bill (no we did not call it that) but there really should be something else... I mean you know something interesting... Like I don't know, a couple cases of good beer... Or a bunch of good steaks for grilling... I know that I can get that with the additional fee, but it would make my crew feel better about things... Stagehands will do anything as long as they feel they are appreciated... Start to abuse that and you'll never get a thing done.