Well ok

Just When I Thought

That ass that I mentioned in the last post?... Yea, he called my partner today at noon... He was on his way with a check... He still wanted the units delivered on Monday... How very considerate of him.

He'll get the units, but not until Thursday... Not because we wouldn't run a crew over the weekend to build the stuff, but because I can't get the material I would need in time, and there is no way we were going to rent a truck to go pick it up from the yard... He wasn't happy, but so what really.

There are clients I wish I didn't have.

The Truck... Again

Ya know, I love my truck... I always have, and I continue to do so... To me I got lucky and got the right model year in terms of looks, as following my year, Dodge started trying too hard to make the truck look "tough" instead of simply letting it speak for itself.

That's not the point though.

Sadly, tomorrow morning, I will be dropping said truck off at my tire/brake/suspension place... (I won't let anyone near the engine anymore...) I pulled a tire this afternoon to check the brakes, and general health of front suspension, and damn if one of the ball joints isn't a friggin disaster... Its bad enough that I really don't want to drive very far, but fortunately, this place is less than a mile up the road, and I'm sure I won't have any issue making it that far in a straight line over smooth roads.

This is definitely a love hate thing with my truck at this point.